Fully Responsive Web Design

Responsive websites are the future of web design! Whether you view a website on a laptop, iPad, iPhone or other mobile device, your content will always look good. With 28% of internet usage being from a mobile phone, and the number of smartphone searchers doubling every two months – maybe a responsive layout is just what you need. Did you know, we make responsive layouts?

Responsive design isn’t done with Photoshop or flash or any of the old techniques. It’s done all in style sheets and code. This makes the site easily adaptable without adding a lot of overhead so the site loads quickly in the browser. It’s no longer necessary to design separate sites for mobile and desktop, one site can be optimized for all devices.

Variant IT Team specializes in responsive design. We have been able to master our techniques on our client sites and can make a responsive site available to you as well.

Websites that are created with responsive design techniques allow the site to automatically resize, shift content and optimize itself for whichever device the site is called to. Desktop, tablet, or phone, a site can be easily represented on all of them with responsive design.

Domain Registration

We offer full domain name registration and management services, email setup and web hosting. We can also offer hosting packages with one of our partner companies in the USA, Europe or the UK.

We can provide shared server hosting at a very competitive rate for smaller websites. We also host many complex database driven, high traffic sites which we offer shared business hosting on our top performing servers, as well as specialising in providing dedicated server hosting with full support.

Every server is backed up daily and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that any downtime is minimal. Network traffic and server load is also monitored at regular intervals so that you can be sure that your site runs at its optimal speed and every page request is successful.


There are essentially two types of websites that we build – flat websites and content managed (CMS) websites. Flat websites are suitable for those sites with a small amount of pages or those that will not be updated regularly. They look just as good visually as content managed sites and a user will generally not be able to tell whether a site is flat or content managed.


Content management is the ability to update a website through an administration system accessible through your browser window from anywhere with an internet connection. The advantage of using a CMS is that you are able to update the information and images on your site when you need to. A CMS is good for sites which have frequently updated content, such as latest news or features, a lot of articles or an eCommerce store. Another good reason to use a CMS is that search engines take site updates into account when ranking websites so if you are doing regular site updates, you are increasing your chances of getting a better Google ranking. At Browser Media, we offer three fully featured content management systems for website projects, these are the open source Umbraco CMS and the enterprise level Kentico and Sitecore CMS systems.

With a CMS you can:

  • Update site content and images
  • Add subnavigation content pages for articles or other content
  • Add images to a gallery or to content pages
  • Upload PDFs, MP3s or videos to use on content pages
  • Create a html newsletter to stay in touch with your customers
  • Publish or unpublish content pages
  • Set a page for approval
  • Preview pages and see how they will look before they are made live on your website
  • Re-order news articles or gallery items
  • Update meta tags for every page on the site
  • Track customer conversions
  • …and much more

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