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Clinic Management

Today healthcare industry in U.A.E is rapidly growing with various Private sector and public sector participating and investing on a large scale.

To increase the efficiency and better healthcare services to patients, hospitals are taking help of it revolution with centralizing their processes with hospital management system and Hospital ERP.

Variant Computer L.L.C with its tie-up with well-known CRM and ERP companies are providing customized erp solutions for healthcare industry in India.

We provide hospital Management Systems in U.A.E from small Clinics to multi-specialty hospitals in U.A.E. Our solution is a complete set of software applications that automates patient management, eliminating redundant steps and manual error-prone interaction. The application is built on an object oriented multi-tiered architecture.

What we offer

Unicare is a comprehensive enterprise-wide solution that covers all aspect of management and operations of a Clinic. It has been developed to suit the Clinic needs from ground up-to totally eliminate all the inefficiencies of legacy Clinic Management System design. It combines cutting edge technology with traditional methodology to provide the Clinic the advantage of both worlds.

About Unicare

A Clinic Management Solution in a Clinic would require very precise Software and must result into cost cutting and efficient management. VARIANT COMPUTER L.L.C has developed revolutionary product “Unicare” which is very accurate in its approach and suits all environments including large, medium or small Clinics. These Modules of Unicare emphasizes on the smooth functioning of a Clinic are listed below. Brief

Key Features

  • Front Desk Module
    • Patient Registration demographic details (Self - Insurance - Corporate Companies)
    • Registering Multiple Insurance card
    • Out Patient and Direct Patient (for Lab & Radiology)
    • Scheduling Patient Appointments for doctors (with double booking, blocking time etc. status of appointments, Transferring, cancellation )
    • Appointments for Radiology Investigation (Ultrasound, CT, Echo)
    • Scan & attach Insurance cards, print Claim forms, Patient ID Card, File Stickers etc.
    • Printing Claim forms of Medical/Dental for all major Insurance companies like Daman, Thiqa, NAS, Albuhaira, Neuron, etc.

  • Patient Check-in Process with iPad integration
    • Easy Invoicing
    • Direct Billing from the Front Desk, Radiology desk or Laboratory desk for Services provided like Consultation, Laboratory, X-ray, Ultrasound, Medicines, and Procedures etc.
    • Billing/Ordering done from inside the doctor’s clinic and only cash collection from the Front Desk.
    • Cash / Debit-Credit Card Collection for coinsurance / deductibles.
    • Cash collection for currents orders and back orders for Services provided like Consultation, Laboratory, X-ray, Ultrasound, Medicines, Procedures etc
  • Insurance - All major Insurance Companies features are covered

    • Managing Companies master Data with all predefined Network – Insurance Plan Types, Payer ID, Approval required limits, Validity of Approvals, Fixed deductibles, Fixed co-insurances, discounts by specialty or on each service, covered and non-covered services, services which requires approval etc.,
    • Maintaining of mandatory (HAAD) price list for services & procedures according to each individual company based on their respective factors.
    • Manage CPT Codes, HCPCS codes, DRG Codes, Dental Codes with Universal Dental tooth nos, E&M codes, ICD9 codes, updated Drug List from HAAD
    • Upload price list from excel format to each company, transfers price list from one party to another.
    • Manage General Exclusions, services covered/non covered according to Insurance Plans.
    • Various credit reports for individual company or Group of companies
    • Allocating of invoices according to claims submitted.

  • Out-Patient Management – Doctor’s EHR (Electronic Health Record)

    • The core EHR offers functionality for charting, problem lists, medication management, prescribing, allergy checks, order management, lab tests and document management, among other capabilities. The system can also be configured to meet a provider’s personal charting preferences and custom forms can be implemented to work.
    • Easy to learn, it usually takes just a few hours to know the EMR system in and out. Our state-of-the art browser technology and intuitive interface design ensures that even the providers and practitioners who are not computer savvy can learn it fast. Yet, with integrated patient charting, prescription and refill management, document management, encounter and consult note generation, patient and resource scheduling, intra-office messaging and powerful customization features, this software is equally suitable for advanced users of medical electronic records systems.
    • Easy to use, all charts have a patient based layout. There is no need to back out to various sections of the EMR software to gain information. Demographics, historical data, scanned documents, encounters, treatment plans, medications and charges are all within the patient's file, providing an instantaneous overview of patient's health and every other clinical aspect. This sophisticated design allows users to review their entire workflow and manage clinical and administrative tasks from any point within the program. And its charts look and feel very close to real paper charts which physicians are accustomed to, making it even more simple and one of the fastest EMR systems around. Whether you are a family physician or an internist, or a consultant such as neurologist, cardiologist, psychiatrist, pulmonary specialist or a therapist, you will find Unicare electronic medical record system apt at documenting complex patient visits accurately and in less time.
    • This EMR system allows physicians to customize charts and other sections to their personal preferences and requirements of their practice and specialty
    • Ordering Level of Consultation, Laboratory, X-ray, Ultrasound, Medicines, Procedures etc by doctors which can be easily seen in Lab, radiology, front desk, Insurance section etc.,
    • Prompt doctors in case the bill amount exceeds the Insurance limits.
    • Orders which exceed the Insurance Limit will be marked as approval required.
    • Built-in E/M code calculator. The suggested code can be accepted or rejected based upon the circumstances.
    • Ability to annotate and add illustrations directly into the HPI, physical examination and procedures sections of a patient's chart.
    • Scheduling section designed for fast input of appointments of varying lengths, even of a 5-minute duration.
    • Parallel appointments for the same physician can be booked.
    • Allows searching of upcoming appointments with multiple options.
    • Excuse letters, patient progress notes, chart notes and other concerned documents can be generated and printed in minutes

Human resource management software

The perfect combination of different functionality and reporting tools, designed to help your Human Resource Department to deliver the services effectively. We take pride in ourselves on providing you with such a tool. Our product is designed to meet the needs of any organization in human incentive industry. Created for the help of HR professionals, the software helps eliminate many administrative duties, allowing them to focus on the employees and other important tasks which have far reaching impact on your organization.

HR And Payroll Management

The Payroll function is the most complicated yet critical process in any organization. UniPay is one of the finest software available - offering the best in technology, design, architecture, features and functionality.
Comprehensive, flexible, customizable and enterprise-wide, the UniPay software helps manage the Payroll system efficiently - from the type of business to the number of employees.

UniPay thus helps companies manage salaries with break ups, comprehensive database of employees, hierarchy, grades, attendance monitoring, gratuity, HR details, Data Importing & Interface with Excel.

  • Manage salary structures completely with all possible break-ups
  • Maintain a comprehensive database of employees, hierarchy, grades etc.
  • Keep track of loans and advances to employees
  • Generate monthly pay slips, statements etc.
  • Take care of all statutory requirements like Gratuity etc.,
  • Flexible salary definition with formula/ slab etc.,
  • Integration with Attendance Monitoring Systems
  • Data Importing & Interface with Excel for Import & Export of Various Data
  • Customization facility of Reports & Salary Heads to suit the needs
  • Flexible definition of working days/holidays depending on leave groups
  • Complete leave management
  • HR details management
  • WPS
  • Exporting Salary details to Accounting Software
  • Network Compatible Client Server Architecture with optional backend, available with Oracle/MS SQL/My SQL/ MS Access etc.

Radiology System Administration & Setup

  • Maintaining of Radiology Master, incorporating pricing setup for all Cash/Companies/Insurance (In accordance with the CPT Codes)
  • Customizing of predefined Investigation reports according to your format for X-Rays, MRI, CAT SCAN, Spiral CT, Ultrasound, Diagnostic Imaging and storing in the server.


  • Submission of claims in XML format via Greenrain messenger.
  • Reconcile, validate XML file before depositing in post office.
  • Prompts users while processing XML
      • Checks services & procedures whether completed or pending (Act Done)
      • Checks service date versus approval date.
      • Checks authorization number for approved services.
      • Checks LOINC codes, Universal dental tooth nos. and other codes
      • Checks ICD 9CM codes versus claims
      • Checks ID Payers/comments/type for resubmission.
      • Validates XML format according to HAAD data standards types such as Activity type. Encounter type, etc.,
  • Resubmission of claims with (correction, internal complaint)
  • Automation of Downloading XML remittance data into Unicare with ID Payers, Denial Codes, denial reasons, rejections etc.,

  • Evaluation & Management Coder – Electronic Health Records.

    • Unicare uses data captured in the history, exam and medical decision making areas to calculate service level codes and suggest the most appropriate E & Codes to use.
  • Financial Account-Modules

    • Chart of Accounts, Financial periods, General Ledgers, Journal Vouchers, A/R Bills, A/P Bills, Visual Receivables, Receipt Vouchers, Payment Vouchers, PDC's, Bank reconciliation statements, Purchases, Suppliers Statement, Fixed Assets.
    • Integration of Accounts with Unicare Software, User-defined posting of Unicare bills to accounts. Department wise P/L, Balance sheet, Income-Revenue statement etc.

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